Your Child’s Snacking Habits: A Taste Of The Truth

Indianapolis IN Children's DentistAll children like to snack. Often times, those little hands will be found reaching for the popular sugar-filled snack varieties. Even with good oral care at home and regular dental checkups, a child's snacking habits have the power to sabotage all efforts at maintaining good oral health. When it comes to your child, it's best to get a taste of the truth regarding which snacks are best for their smile.

Pediatric dentists are well aware that great-tasting snacks are most appealing to children. Thus, the key is not eliminating favorites from their diet, but offering them when it makes sense. For instance, a slice of cake at a party is a fun, celebratory snack. Yet, having a slice of cake each day is not the best choice for healthy teeth and gums. As a rule, sugary snacks should be regarded as "occasional."

Developing Better Snacking Habits

  1. Place foods that are naturally low in sugar within reach. Some examples are cheese, crackers, pretzels, and nuts.
  2. If your child is enjoying a sugary snack, encourage them to finish it in one sitting. This way, the child's teeth will only be exposed to the sugars once, rather than multiple times.
  3. As part of your child's nightly routine, make sure that they do not snack after brushing teeth. Not only will sugars remain on the teeth and gums all night, the reduced flow of saliva means that bacteria will not be washed away.
  4. Watch what your child drinks. Even with a balanced diet, drinks such as sodas, and energy and sports drinks can wreak havoc on teeth and gums, increasing the risk of decay.

Establishing healthy snacking habits for your child may seem difficult at first. Yet, the truth is—the right snacks are vital for your child's healthy smile.

At Winding Ridge Dentistry, we are proud to come alongside you in helping promote great oral health for your child. Do you have questions about which snacks are best for your child? Let us know. At Winding Ridge Dentistry, we are here for you!

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