Dental Implants

With more than 5 million placed each year in the United States, Dental Implants are a highly effective way to restore smiles by replacing one or more teeth. Reasons for inquiring about dental implants vary from person to person. For instance, many people hide behind their smile because of missing teeth, and they are looking for a solution. Some may be dissatisfied with their dentures, while others are seeking a more sophisticated option that will keep their natural teeth intact. Whatever the case, Dental Implants continue to appeal to many Americans as a revolutionary substitute for the roots of missing teeth that can last a lifetime.

Why Dental Implants?

Creating a firm, solid support for other restorations such as dentures or bridges, patients will experience no shifting in surrounding teeth after receiving dental implants. This is a major benefit, when compared to other restorations, because patients are awarded the freedom to eat and speak with confidence. In addition, dental implants not only look natural—they feel natural and comfortable. In providing critical support for the jawbone, dental implants prevent bone loss and shrinkage of the jaw. This serves an important anti-aging benefit as well. Finally, the body easily receives the lightweight titanium dental implant material.

When single teeth are replaced, the implant replaces the tooth’s root. Thus, teeth next to the one being treated are left untouched. In the same way, when dental implants are used to support dentures or bridges, it’s important to know that the surrounding teeth are not needed for support. This is because the implant is essentially fused into the jawbone—providing advanced stability.

The type of dental implant and the process of placing it vary from person to person. This is why it’s important to consult a trusted, experienced dentist. If you are a good candidate for dental implant treatment, your dentist should carefully consider the placement of your implant, while explaining the healing process and how to care for your implants.

Comprehensive and Trusted Dentistry

Winding Ridge Dentistry welcomes your family to our practice! When it comes to your oral health, we take a comprehensive approach, considering all facets of your smile. With a focus on patient education, you can trust us to give invaluable insight to the dental implant process, allowing you to make the most informed decision concerning your treatment. Call Winding Ridge Dentistry today. 

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