Caring for your Crowned Tooth

Indianapolis IN General DentistCrowns, or tooth shaped caps, are a widely used restoration by dental professionals. With the ability to fully encase the visible portion of a tooth, dental crowns sustain the shape and size of teeth, while improving their appearance. In essence, after this two-part procedure, you'll have a newly restored tooth. But, how do you care for your crowned tooth?

Right After Treatment

Once your new crown has been placed, you may brush as usual. Consider using toothpaste that is geared towards sensitive teeth. This will combat any post-operative sensitivity you are experiencing.

In regards to flossing, it's important to take extra care right after treatment. A good rule of thumb is to remove floss from the side of the tooth. Gum tissue tends to be sensitive, and this will keep swelling and redness to a minimum.

In addition to sensitive toothpaste and careful flossing, a fluoride rinse is often suggested. This is simply an added measure to prevent infection and wash away bacteria.

For the most part, you may eat normally right after treatment. However, most dentists will agree that to be safe, treat your crown as you would a natural tooth. Try not to eat anything hard or sticky, and avoid chewing ice! Like natural teeth, crowned teeth can crack or become loose.

Long Term Care

With your permanent crown established and in place, you may continue many of the "right after treatment" guidelines already mentioned. Perhaps the most important step you can take in long term care of your crown is to commit to daily oral hygiene and regular dental checkups. As with any restoration, regular examinations allow your dentist to check for early stage tooth decay, as well as the stability and durability of your crown. While the life span of a crown is typically 10-15 years, it depends on wear and tear.

Quality Dental Care

The caring team at Winding Ridge Dentistry stands by our dental work, and will make sure that you are well informed about every stage of your treatment. You can be sure that our office will provide quality dental care that will support your oral health for years to come. Give us a call today!

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