Fillings: Amalgam, Resin, or a Mix of Both?

Indianapolis IN Cosmetic DentistWhen it comes to fillings, dental professionals and patients can choose between amalgam (silver) fillings and resin composite (tooth colored) fillings. Advances in technology show that resin-based composites are more widely used than before, but traditional means of filling teeth with amalgam remains popular. The question is: should you choose amalgam, resin, or a mix of both?

Comprised of mercury, tin, and copper, amalgam fillings are easily recognizable. Annually, over 1 billion of these fillings are placed. A common misconception regarding silver fillings is that the mercury is toxic and unsafe. This is not supported by the American Dental Association (ADA). Not only are these fillings safe, they are highly effective. Overall, amalgams containing mercury are stronger, easy to work with, and cost-effective. For these reasons, you can understand why amalgams continue to be a strong choice for dentists and patients alike.

In the case of resin composite fillings, there is one obvious reason why one would choose a ceramic, plastic-based filling material. They look good! Aesthetically, resin fillings mimic the look of natural teeth. Therefore, to fill cavities near the front of the mouth, many will lean towards a resin composite.

Considering the benefits of these filling materials, it's easy to understand why dentists and patients choose a mix of both. Amalgam silver fillings make more sense for back teeth that are subject to heavy chewing or grinding. Typically lasting 8-10 years, amalgams are a dependable choice. Yet, resin composites offer a clear advantage for filling teeth near the front of the mouth.

As a patient, the choice is yours. Yet, there are factors that you may not consider when deciding between the two. That's why consulting a dental professional that you trust is important. Your dentist will carefully assess the stage of tooth decay, size of the cavity, and the location of your tooth in order to make the best decision about which filling to use. Your oral health history and personal habits will also be taken into account.

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