One of the biggest benefits that Winding Ridge Dentistry provides is family-friendly dental care. We proudly provide pediatric dentistry to benefit families’ busy schedules and to promote optimal oral health from a young age. Dr. Sulaiman Shaltoni and the entire staff at Winding Ridge Dentistry understand that children require a special touch when receiving dental care, and we are proud to offer children’s dentistry to even the youngest of patients. We take the time to ensure that children feel welcome and comfortable in the dentist chair. By using kid-friendly language and manners, providing their favorite programs on our TV screens, and a warm and welcoming staff – Winding Ridge Dentistry provides exceptional children’s dentistry.

When children have a positive dental experience at a very young age, it promotes optimal oral health throughout their entire lives. That is why Dr. Sulaiman Shaltoni is committed to making children feel comfortable and confident at our practice. We want to ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth from the very start!

Winding Ridge Pediatric Dentistry

We Love Kids!

We love kids at Winding Ridge Dentistry. Our family-friendly, vibrant dental practice was designed with our patients’ comfort in mind, and we are committed to making sure that children feel welcomed and comfortable. We provide a kids’ play area that allows children to feel comfortable from the moment they walk through our office doors.

The American Dental Association recommends that children begin receiving dental care from the time that their first baby teeth erupt. Almost all children have their first baby teeth by their first birthdays, and Dr. Sulaiman Shaltoni and the entire staff at Winding Ridge Dentistry enjoy seeing our youngest patients. By bringing children into our practice, parents are helping set them up for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Dr. Shaltoni will thoroughly explain everything that he will do to you and your child to help everyone feel comfortable. Counting teeth, spitting in the bowl, and playing games are fun ways to start a journey towards lifetime, optimal oral health.

Winding Ridge Dentistry is truly a family-friendly dental practice. We love kids, and we welcome patients of all ages! Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for your child or children.